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A simple, relaxing, and endless game


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Infinity Loop is a puzzle game with a simple concept: you have to rotate the pieces you see spread out around the screen to create complete and infinite shapes. To rotate the pieces you just have to tap on each one. Your goal is to complete the puzzles and beat every level of the game.

One of the coolest things about Infinity Look is that it really offers an endless number of levels. Once you've passed the first hundred levels, you can also play in dark mode, where you basically have to do the opposite from the normal levels: disconnect all the pieces.

Thanks to the endless character of Infinity Look, you'll spend tons of time in front of your screen solving puzzles, making the soundtrack especially important, and the game doesn't disappoint. It offers relaxing melodies that make it a pleasure to continue playing the game.

Infinity Loop is an outstanding puzzle game that offers an original and addictive gameplay and tons of content ... well, really, infinite content.